Farm Store Cards

Like a traditional CSA share you will receive a discount for a season's worth of products from our farm store, however, there are no scheduled pick up times and you can shop whenever you want. We wanted to make these available for people who have their own gardens, travel during the season, or those who just plan on shopping here this year and would like a discount for paying ahead of time. Valid until December 31st, 2018.


Here are the options:

  • Gift share          
    • pay $45 for a $50 value (you save 10%)
  • Small share       
    • pay $90 for a $100 value (you save 10%)
  • Medium share  
    • pay $265 for a $300 value (you save 12%)
  • Large share      
    • pay $425 for a $500 value (you save 15%)


Farm Store

We are OPEN Thursdays 3-6pm and Sundays 10-1pm!

We aim to be open May - October, 7 days a week, 10am-7pm. The store is located down the gravel driveway in the barn and is self-serve.

We accept cash, debit/credit, checks (made payable to Old Soul Farm) and our Farm Store Cards.

We keep the store stocked with a variety of fresh seasonal produce, canned goods, eggs, maple syrup and freshly baked treats throughout the season.

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